Sunday 28 August 2011

Overview of Proun user tracks

Quite a few users have made tracks for Proun already, so I figured this would be a nice moment to show an overview of them! Despite the forum not being very busy anymore, people are still making tracks for Proun, as was shown yesterday when Bigguy11757 posted his new track!

I find it a great honour and really cool that people make new tracks for Proun, so seeing these images together makes me one very happy goldfish indeed!

Shape Factory by Bigguy11757:

Cable Rats by Seikusa:

Cubed by Yooby:

Archipelago by JohnArr:

Solar Coaster by tpapp157:

Extrude by Chris Farrell:

By the way, a couple of people have been asking me when I would release the download and sales statistics of Proun: I will do so somewhere in the next two weeks, depending on when I will have time to do a proper analysis and write a blogpost about it!

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Awesomenauts intro cinematic released

We have released the intro cinematic for Awesomenauts! Be sure to watch it with the volume turned up high!

And now watch it again, but this time sing along to the theme song!

We also had lots of people playing at Gamescom, and they really liked the game. The first time the general public plays our games is always incredibly exciting, and I am really glad it turns out they enjoy Awesomenauts!