Sunday, 1 April 2012

We've announced our next game: Day of the Awesomenauts: Monkey Throttle

The Awesomenauts are nearly ready to blast away onto the screens of XBLA and PSN gamers! But we are already looking forward towards the long term for the Awesomenauts franchise. Soon we will have announcements regarding the oft-requested Awesomenauts themepark, Awesomenauts bikiniliners and Awesomenauts catfood. But some recent market research (on Kickstarter) has also shown a spike in interest for point and click adventures.

That's why we're very pleased to announce Day of the Awesomenauts: Monkey Throttle! Pushing gameplay innovation to previously imaginable levels, Day of the Awesomenauts: Monkey Throttle is a Storydriven Sidescrolling Point And Click Online Multiplayer Adventure Brawler Arena Role Playing Shooter game.

Sweet pixel art! Click for a larger view

Soon you can also click your Awesomenaut to victory through sweet pixel art, hilarious dialog trees and clever item puzzles. But watch out! Enemy players will stand in your way, attempting to talk you out of your offensive decisions. No worries though, there are lots of items available that can resolve any sticky situation. Just scan every pixel in the level to find them! "I didn't just miss the clicking," says Jasper, Ronimo game designer. "It's especially the pointing that seemed to be missing from games nowadays."

Work on Day of the Awesomenauts: Monkey Throttle will begin in earnest as soon as the 'regular' Awesomenauts is finished. The target release date is exactly a year from now.


  1. Lol, nice one :P especially the way jasper feels about games nowadays :)
    Maybe you should make a game that focuses on the pointing alone xD

  2. Please bring it to the PC!