Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Epic Shoes Of Awesome Winning

I often talk to people about that good indie marketing requires doing all kinds of crazy stuff to get press to talk about your games. The good thing is that such "crazy stuff" usually is the same as just "awesome stuff". So even if a 'stunt' would fail and isn't written about that much, we still end up with awesome swag. I intend to some day write a couple of blogposts about marketing, but in the meanwhile I just can't wait to show the awesomeness I have for you today. I would like to present: The Shoes.

Yes, we have Awesomenauts shoes. Only one pair, but they are just insanely awesome, and custom-made by Kyozokicks. And here's the best part: we are giving them away to someone who likes Awesomenauts on Facebook or who follows RonimoGames on Twitter. So if you are not doing one of these things yet, then please do so now and get a chance at winning The Shoes Of Cool!

These shoes are even cooler than the custom Swords & Soldiers Move controllers we made two years ago. I realize I am saying a lot of "cool" and "awesome" and such here, but I just really love this kind of marketing! ^_^

Yellow shoelaces! YELLOW SHOELACES!

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  1. I can see how to yellow shoelaces would appeal...