Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Awesomenauts in the Humble Bundle!

Yesterday the Humble Indie Bundle 8 launched, including Awesomenauts! For $1 or more, you get Steam keys to the games in the bundle, and Awesomenauts even comes with an exclusive chicken skin for Clunk: Cluck.

Really happy with the line-up this time. The other games in the bundle include some of my personal favourites from the past years: Little Inferno, Capsized and Dear Esther. Especially Dear Esther absolutely blew my mind when I played it, showing me a completely different kind of 'game' experience, and a story that really intrigued me deeply.

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  1. Hey Joost. Long term fan. Enjoyed Proun, Swords & Soldiers, and of course, Awesomenauts.
    If you have time would you mind answering this question ?
    Currently I'm finishing my first year of my comp-sci degree, and we have been learning java all the way through our first year.
    I started studying more on my own and managed to make 2 simple java games from scratch, without any tutorials : first game( , second game(
    We have to have a short internship in our 5th semester,and I was wondering if, in the event that I will do my best and learn all the C++ I can this summer,have a chance to get (or at least be considered for) an internship at that point August 2014 ?Sorry if this sounds pushy but I'm just so excited when I'm thinking about internships and all that, and just the idea of working with such a prosperous team seems incredible to me.

    Regards, Claudiu Bele