Sunday 20 February 2011


I would really like to actually finish Proun soon, so I am going to put this blog on hold for a month or two. Writing for this blog is a lot of fun, but takes several hours every week, so it slows down Proun too much for my own good. Especially since this blog, playing in a baroque orchestra, furnishing my new appartment and working on Proun all need to be cramped into that same bit of spare time I have!

When this blog returns, I will have a lot of stuff to talk about, like my 2.5D area light shadowing technique, real-time camera mapping, the awesome in-game tools we developed for Ronimo's Secret New Game, Tha Prototypinat0r, and a lot more!

To give a teaser and pause this blog in style, let me show you an image of another topic that will be discussed at some point after the break. This is a model I generated with my SolidMotion script:

I'll be back! See you later! ^-^


  1. Wow, that thing looks amazing. So abstract yet so realistic at the same time.

  2. Sounds like you'll have a lot to discuss in the future!

    I await your triumphant return (and a completed Proun :-) with bated breath.