Tuesday 26 July 2011

Proun highscore system patched

After a lot of requests I have changed Proun's highscore system, so that only the best score of each player is shown, instead of all the separate scores. Since a single person often held the entire top ten, the highscores were a bit boring. Now more people are shown there, making it ten times easier to reach the top 10! ;)

The patch was applied to the server, so you don't need to download anything new to benefit from this. :)

I hope this works, though: I am not very pro with SQL, but I think I got it right after a dozen tries...

The reason I didn't make it like this in the first place, is that I totally didn't realize this was going to be a problem. Pretty dumb, in retrospect, but it felt good when I was testing on my own by submitting lots of times myself. Obviously, I should have thought of the big picture with lots of players, instead of my own situation when only I was playing.

Also, let me grab this chance to thank Jan-Pieter van den Heuvel, who fixed my hosting problems a while ago. I studied Computer Science with him, and he now owns a web development company called Piozum. Piozum develops custom software and web technology for clients. As I said above, I am not an expert in web technology and such. Jan-Pieter definitely is, so he adviced me on finding a new host and optimised my SQL scripts for me. Thank you, Jan-Pieter! :)

The new host, by the way, it Byte.nl. The most important thing I have learned from the website going down last month, is that I should always get hosting at a company that can scale the service up to a more expensive deal, instead of closing me down when I reach the traffic limits. If the website is a success, paying more is not a problem. Being shut down however is absolutely horrible...

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