Sunday, 9 February 2014

Proun+ music sketches: which do you like?

Below are seven sketches for the music of Proun+. I am writing an extended soundtrack for this game and the first step is to experiment with the basic grooves. My goal is to try a lot of different things, and then pick the best ones and turn those into complete songs. I am really curious which you like and which you don't like! Please let me know which are your favourites, and which you like the least!

The final version of the soundtrack will be recorded with live musicians, so the exact sound and mix are not all that important right now. These groove sketches are also not real songs with a start and an ending: they just repeat a cool vibe for a while and that's it. What is really important though is whether you think these fit the game. Do you think they will work with the speed and vibe of Proun?

For those who don't know what Proun+ is: my friends over at Engine Software are currently porting my game Proun to 3DS, iOS and Android. Engine Software is quite a famous studio: they are the developers of the new console versions of Terraria. The most awesome part of this is that they are adding new tracks and modes, and that Arno Landsbergen and I are writing new songs together. Proun is not just coming to new platforms, it is also becoming bigger and diverse!

My idea for the music is that I want to write new songs that are as different from the original soundtrack as possible, but still feel like Proun. To achieve this I imagine all the music is being played by an imaginary band. This band can be pretty versatile in what kind of music they play, but they always have the same line-up of drums, double bass, guitar, saxophone and vintage keyboards (things like organ, rhodes, piano). Maybe the sax doesn't play in some songs, and I expect they will also be visited by a guest musician on cello occasionally (a really famous and awesome cellist, euhm... ME! ;) ).

Without further ado, here are the first seven Proun+ groove sketches!

Please let me know which you like and which you don't like! If you hate all of them, or if you think I should be taking the music in a different direction, please also post so below. I am also interested in references to existing music that you feel I should grab some inspiration from. Share your opinion and ideas!

PS. I am still writing more of these and if you want to hear them early and give feedback right away, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter, where I will be posting the next song sketches daily.


  1. They're all pretty good tbh. My favourite is sketch E though :D

  2. For me its C or G, both have some sort of sense of spaciousness, that fits the visuals, I think..

  3. My favourites are B and E.

  4. Sounds like MIDI player. Why you dont use better sample sounds?

    1. This already sounds a whole lot better than standard MIDI, Doing better than this takes a lot of time, which would be a waste of time since the soundtrack will be recorded with live instruments anyway.