Sunday, 30 November 2014

Proun+ out now on iOS!

On 27 November Proun+ launched on iOS! The first reviews are extremely positive, both from the press and from users. We also got a big feature in the European App Store, so it seems like Apple itself also likes the game. :) Here are some quotes from the reviews and the launch trailer:

"A bright, searingly good twitch racer that takes the fundaments of the genre and builds something staggeringly entertaining on top of them."

"Previously a successful indie release on the PC, it deserves your attention and patience. [...] Throw in a funky jazz based soundtrack and Proun+ has a lot going for it."
4/5 stars

"this self-styled “journey through modern art” exudes an endearing weirdness that sets it apart and nestles it in your brain. Like that off-beat game you used to play, that you’re convinced only you can remember, which you can’t possibly forget."
4.5/5 stars

Proun+ is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad for $3.99 here.


  1. Just buying this now, can't wait to play it!

    Is there any word on the 3DS version? I'd love to play this in stereoscopic 3D as soon as possible.

    1. Cool, hope you like it! :)

      Hopefully 3DS will come this month, we don't have a final release date yet.

  2. Any plans for an android version? Please?...

  3. Hi Joost,

    I just noticed that your wonderful game is out on 3DS eShop next week, and it looks fantastic in stereoscopic 3D.

    Do you know who I should contact in order to secure a review code? Would it be yourself, or shall I look at contacting Engine Software?

    Many thanks