Monday 27 June 2011

Can anyone help me find new hosting?

I just learned that during the weekend, 1.2 million HTTP requests were performed towards the Proun website. That explains why it went down...

So the hosting company pulled down the site and refuses to host it anymore: they are aimed at small sites and don't offer deals for this kind of traffic. However, I am not a hosting expert, so I am not sure where to get hosting instead. So if any of you happen to know a lot about where to get good web hosting for this kind of traffic, then it would be awesome if you could email me to find a solution for this! My email is joost -at-

As for specifics: I think most of the 1.2 million HTTP requests were for the highscore system, so that means lots of PHP and MySQL code being executed on the server as well.

So this is also a status update for people waiting for Proun's highscore system and official site to get back online. I am working on it, but this is more difficult than I was hoping for... :(

Here is the temporary website for Proun again: You can buy and play the game just fine, but you won't have online highscores for the moment. Working to get that back!

For players getting freezers in the highscore screen: check the solution here.

And to give you something to look at in the meanwhile: the first user tracks have already popped up on the Proun forum. It's incredibly cool! Just take a look at this picture from Archipelago by JohnArr.


  1. You could try They have a very good price and service!

  2. I love this game :D
    I gave you only 5€ becouse my card was out of money :-( I want to give you more soon :D

  3. Please check your facebook profile, I am fairly experienced and have many big sites so my servers can handle the traffic, please see my reply.

  4. als je kwaliteit wil dan is goed..
    daar zitten hyves tweakers en gamekings geloof ik ook
    maar je betaald er wel iets meer voor natuurlijk..

  5. I recommend

    They're very serious and their servers are very fast.

    You could buy a linux business plan getting 80gb of monthly traffic and if it isn't enough, 150gb for a pretty fair price.

  6. Hi Joost,
    Thanks for a great game!!

    I've been using (no affiliation with them other than renting a 'root' server with them)
    But then you have to setup php/mysql/apache server up your self. Default i think they allow 5 tb of data. extra can be purchased). But I haven't had the amount of traffic you have :)

  7. Hi,
    Currently i cannot pay to buy your game, your online payment system has a bug. It requests a phone number to continue, yet it doesn't provide a field to enter a phone number. I tried with IE and FF. I don't know if it's relevant but I am connecting from Turkey and the site translates into Turkish.

  8. Yeah, the shop folks just broke it. :( I asked them to fix it, hopefully they will quickly!

  9. Second Neostrada if you still need. My clock widget server hosting on android hit 15gb in a month and took down my other server ( your-webhost ), so i moved across to Neostrada.

  10. Linode gives you rock-solid, but affordable VMs on which you have full root and os choice and the accounts for which you can tailor widely to your performance needs.

    I love them. :)

  11. great game dude cant wait to try it on light speed and hope you get tons of people donating =D

  12. Woohoo, found a new host and the website is already slowly getting online again! (may take some time depending on where you are, I think) Working right now on getting the highscores working again as well. :)

  13. If you don't mind hosting in the U.S., is an excellent webhost. Unlimited bandwidth/space/domains for around $7.96 USD per year. I host all my sites with them, and have never been happier. If you want to try it, use coupon code: indiegaming, and get $9.94 off. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it. =)

    And no, I don't work for the company. lol.

  14. Lovely game. Wish this can be a part of my life. It would be very much interesting that time.

  15. I really love your style and can't wait to read your blog and see what you've created!!!I love that game.