Monday 1 April 2013

Announcing Awesomenauts The Movie with a trailer!

We have just released this press release, figured I should share this awesome piece of news with you!

Today Ronimo Games announces that their massively successful platforming MOBA Awesomenauts is coming to Hollywood! Awesomenauts The Movie will be directed by the award-winning director G.G. Abrams. The announcement is celebrated with a teaser trailer:

Awesomenauts The Movie will be released in full 3D and will reach theaters around the globe this Fall. Joost van Dongen, co-founder of Ronimo Games, says "This movie is a dream come true. Plans for an Awesomenauts movie have been in development since we started working on the game, and now that the game has reached such huge success, we have finally been able to break into Hollywood and get the production of the movie started!"

Actors have not officially been announced yet, but rumours currently suggest several famous Hollywood actors might have enlisted to play the roles of Froggy G, Clunk and Sheriff Lonestar.

About Awesomenauts:
The downloadable game Awesomenauts is a unique combination of an action platformer and the MOBA genre (games similar to League of Legends and DotA). Awesomenauts was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and Steam in Summer 2012 and features lovingly crafted 2D graphics. It also happens to come with one of the best theme songs in the history of gaming.

About Ronimo Games:
Ronimo Games is the Dutch indie studio responsible for the downloadable hits Awesomenauts (Steam, PS3, Xbox360) and Swords & Soldiers (Wii, PS3, Steam, iOS, Android), which both won numerous awards.


  1. I suppose it's fake, because it have only about 5-7 lens flare per 46 seconds, while G.G. Abrams would have ~46 per 5-7 seconds.